Monday, November 5, 2012

Best Spots in Khao San Road

The clubbing scene at Khoa San Road is best described as completely exhilarating, varied and pulsating. Some of Bangkok’s most exciting clubs and pubs are located on this road and the patrons are pretty cosmopolitan and completely hip. You will be able to explore a diverse variety of setups from Gazebo’s Shisha Bar on the roof right through to Lava’s under-floor music lounge.

Café Democ

This is a fairly unassuming restaurant/ café during the day but transforms into a strong player on the Bangkok nightclub scene every night.  It has been around for a while and has really found its niche. During events here, the patrons are treated to a good mix of dance and house music – ranging from old school house to trance. This is situated on Ratchadamnoen Road right next to the Democracy Monument – just ten minutes from Khao San Road.
Opening Hours: 11:00 - 01:00 Tuesday - Sunday
Tel:             +66 (0)2 622 2571      

Club Culture

This is best described as a musical sanctuary and allows you to enjoy some truly exotic music. Originally started by the Club Astra team after it fell victim to the fickleness of RCA’s crowds. The Club Culture is now being managed by the owner of Café Democ and headlines some of the best international live bands and DJ’s. These include Madness, DJ Toby White, Sutcliffe Jugend and DJ Nakadia. There are four floors and each feature a separate music theme that give the visitor a taste of everything from live acts to techno disco. Most of the time admission is 500 baht or less and you usually get a free drink. Depending on what night it is, you may even get in for free.
Opening Hours: 21:00-02:00 (closed Mondays)
Location: Rajdamnoen Klang (behind Rattanakosin Exhibition Hall, close to Democracy Monument)
Tel:             +66 (0)89 497 8422      

The Club

You can go back in time when it was music such as Trance and not pop like the Black Eyed Peas were played all over Khao San. The visitor gets to experience a full on rave and are even given free glow-sticks. You would be forgiven for thinking you’d been magically transported to one of the sleek clubs you find in Ibiza – less the self-centred DJs and masses of drugged up clubbers. There is a huge dance floor with high ceilings, UV lights, a giant disco ball, lasers and, best of all, a DJ booth that is raised and that has excellent visuals that play against the backdrop.
This all combines for an almost hallucinogenic extravaganza. The laser beams glide through the louvered Mediterranean styled doorways and tourists seem to float through clouds of dry ice. Some take a time out on the chic couches and wait to be served. The sound of silence is nowhere to be heard here so expect to have the music pounded into your system. Not the ideal environment if you are looking for a chat but perfect if you want to dance like a maniac or howl at the moon during a classic full-moon beach party.
Opening Hours: 20:00 - 02:00
Location: 123 Khao San Road
Tel:             +66 (0)2 629 1100      


Immortal seems to have found the fountain of youth and is one of the legends of the Khao San music vibe.  Popular music is played very loud for a long time. This club tends more towards an alternative metal vibe and this has guaranteed its longevity. The club is not very pretty but is everything a nightclub should be – dark and lots of fun. There are several special offers for Happy Hour and you will usually find that you get a free drink with your entry fee. The entry fee varies depending on the night.
Location: 1st floor of the Bayon Building, 249 Khao San Road
Tel:             +66 (0)5 812 9111      


This is a bar/ club situated on a rooftop allowing you to enjoy pleasant evening winds and great city views. You may feel that you have stumbled into an incomplete pleasure palace. You may feel as though you are entering an upmarket Moroccan loft at first – just relax and go with the flow as you imagine yourself to be in an exotic bar in Cairo.
There is also the Zed Bar which features a state of the art DJ room – belly dance all your stress away. The evening breeze tends to perpetuate the idea that this is a setting out of the Arabian Nights and enjoy the juxtaposition of the live Reggae Band against this ambience. Once you are completely relaxed move into Gazebo’s inner sanctum – a small, dark room with loud dance music. You will pay 300 baht to get in after midnight.
Opening Hours: 20:00 - Late
Location: Upstairs, 44 Chakrapong Road
Tel:             +66 (0)2 629 0705      

Lava Club

You will be forgiven for thinking that you are traipsing into the underworld when you enter the dungeon world of Khao San. The waitresses are dressed suggestively and this all adds to the underworld theme. The music is decidedly hip-hop in nature and the place really only starts pumping after 11:00. There is no entry fee.
Location: basement of the Bayon building, 249 Khao San Road
Tel:             +66 (0)2 281 6565      

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