Monday, July 16, 2012

After-Dark Shopping Experience in Bangkok

If you want to spend most of your day in Thailand meeting elephants, touching snakes and watching shopping in the floating market, you may do so without ever having to worry about not having the chance the shop. There are a lot of night markets in Thailand that are open until 12 midnight. You can finish your tours in the day, head to the night market for shopping, before hitting Khao San for some drinks.

Below are some of the night markets you should check out.

Major Ratchoyothin Market

Major Ratchoyothin Market and Khlong San are very similar in terms of the merchandise they sell. Whatever you find in one will mostly likely be sold in the other too. However, the Major Ratchoyothin Market is becoming more popular because it is closer to the the Major Ratchoyothin Cinema as well as the IMAX Complex. Some people opt to shop while they wait for their movie or go straight to shopping right after the movie.

Ratchada Night Bazaar

Formerly known as Ratchada-Lad Phrao Junction Night Market, the Ratchada Night Bazaar is often called the ultimate night market in Bangkok. You will find some ridiculously low priced shoes, leather bags, books, jeans, CDs, home decorative items, assortments of knick-knacks, furniture and antiques. There are a lot of pre-owned goods as well.

The Ratchada Night Bazaar actually started off as a market for the second-hand vespas as well as used car parts but it is has now evolved to become one of the best night markets in Thailand. When you enter the market, you will be welcomed by some of the best food stalls in the country. Some people find it impossible to go through all the stalls in a single night. It’s a big market and there are many items to check out.

Sanam Laung / Khlong Lod

They are best known for their second hand items. Expect to find some brassware, old magazines, old books, motorbike parts and remote controlled toys in addition to the usual handmade trinkets, fashion accessories, T-shirts, sneakers, clothing and other items. However, it is very important that you know how to examine the items you want to buy. Many of the items on display look perfect but they don’t necessarily function perfectly.

Saphad Phut Night Market

Except Wednesdays, the area around Memorial Bridge along the Rattankosin side of this river is packed with shoppers and sellers looking to trade entertainment items and apparels including CDs, DVDs, jeans, sneakers, T-shirts, video games and many other items.

You can also find some counterfeit brand names such as Armani, Fred Perry and Ralph Lauren and other creative pieces. The prices are exclusively cheap and bartering is actually not necessary. The Saphad Phut Night Market is quite popular among the teens. It normally opens from 17:30 or much later in a rainy day. It stays open till midnight. Rush now and get your goodies.

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