Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Martial Arts Schools in Bangkok

Bangkok is a popular destination for individuals who want to learn different types of martial arts, as the country is a melting pot of martial arts schools and is known as the birthplace of many world-class fighters. Here are some of the more prominent martial arts schools in Bangkok:

Fighting Spirit Gym

Bangkok is the country of origin of the Muay Thai (kickboxing) discipline, and as expected, it is home to many world-class schools that offer Muay Thai classes. Fighting Spirit classify their students into three categories: Beginners, Intermediate and Advanced.

For the advance levels, they can offer camp. This means that training for advance Muay Thai students is live-in. They live in the school during the course.

Fighting Spirit is located in Bangrak, Bangkok. The camp is equipped with a full-featured training camp with as many as 5 training rings, an MMA/BJJ facility, a swimming pool, and a gymnasium.  The rates in Fighting Spirit is tailored according to the classes that a student wants and the amenities he or she wants included – with the lowest being 1,100 Baht per day for a Muay Thai, BJJ or MMA program with a shared fan accommodation, to 2,950 Baht per day for a combination of both MT/MMA/BJJ and private air con accommodation. All the prices are inclusive of 2 meals per day and use of the facilities.

Shaolin WuShu Thailand Co. Ltd.

Those who prefer to study Shaolin Wushu can instead go to Shaolin WuShu Thailand Co. Ltd, which is located in Seri Village. They offer training in basic kung fu, qi gong (internal power techniques such as patuanchin and tai chi), shaolin weapon skills, and the more practical sanda, which is a modern Chinese hand to hand self defense system. The one good thing about Shaolin WuShu Thailan Co. Ltd is that instead of being exclusive to presentations and contest, they also teach practical applications of Wu Shu, which means the martial art can be used for self defense and real life protection.

The basic rates for SWT is 1,700 baht for one month for a weekly session, while the bi-weekly session costs 3,000 baht per month. Each period runs for 75 mins. SWT also offers a special promo in which paying for three months in advance will entitle the student to one more month of free classes.


Jaroenthong serves both as a fitness gym and competitive training facility. They teach Muay Thai for fitness and train students who want to pursue Muay Thai as a career. The head instructor is a multi-awarded Muay Thai World Champion and Boxing World Champion.

Bangkok Fight Club

Individuals who want to master both Muay Thai and Brazilian Jiu Jitsu can enroll in Bangkok Fight Club, which is one of Thailand’s premiere schools for the two Martial arts. Recently, BFC has expanded their curriculum and now offers training in Eskrima Kali Arnis, KenPo Karate, Submission Grappling, and even Street Self Defense making them one of the most prolific gym in the world.
Their classes are geared towards developing a student’s street fighting skills and train them for competition. These two are most often different as competitions are bound by rules and code of honor. On the other hand, training for street fighting/self-defense involves mastering killer moves or attacks or counter-attacks that can kills or injure an opponent with one blow.

They have one of the most prolific course offering.

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