Thursday, June 7, 2012

High End Bars in Khao San Road

The electrified atmosphere of Khao San usually attracts backpackers and travellers from all the corners of the world. Bright neon signs then begin flickering to life after sunset. The whole society then becomes a multicultural party with all the vibes you can imagine: the great chill out style, loud and raucous environment. A venture to Khao San in the evening will leave you wanting more fun no matter how late into the night it is.

However, not everyone feels comfortable with the noise and the chaos. If you are one of those, check out the bars listed below.


Gazebo is a roof top bar and club with nocturnal city views and balmy winds that mixes and serves a unique menu of cocktail drinks. The food isn’t so bad too. It is a perfect feel of the half built pleasure palace you can expect. Here, you can enjoy the booze and share some laughter with your friends without having to scream at the top of your lungs just to be heard above the noise as you sip cocktails with a feeling of upscale Moroccan loft.

Gazebo also houses The Zed Bar which is a state-of-the-art DJ room where you can easily belly dance for a few hours. The sultry evening breeze here heightens the feeling of the Arabian Night as the live reggae adds on to the eclectic feeling. Once the cocktails start pouring in and your eyes glazed then you can move to the next door to meet Gazebo’s raucous alter ego. It is a small, dark club room with loud dance beats and thick 3am nocturnes.

Here, you can let loose and get your friends to dance with you.

Cinnamon Bar

The Cinnamon Bar is actually not located in the main party street of Khao San. It is on the road that is parallel to the Khao San Road and Soi Rambutri. Many actually find this place by accident. It is easy to get lost while partying and many end up in the Cinnamon Bar.

The wall fountain adds to the inviting atmosphere of the bar and the narrow pathway entrance gives it a subdued feeling. But the interior is a different story. Go in and you will find some chic modern interior. It looks sleek with the steel and glass materials that are festooned with funky furniture. They have one of the best cocktail menu and if you feel like dancing, there is backroom that can cater for all the dancing needs you may have.

Silk Bar 

This is the new favorite of the 20 something foreign visitors of the Khao San. The house music is loud enough to keep the ambiance alive but not too loud to make meaningful conversations impossible.

Buddy Beer 

This is a colonial-era style bar and restaurant that is bright, spacious and gives a more homey rather than elegant feel. There are two floor with white walls, old fashioned ceiling fans, and wooden floors. Many consider this an escape from the zoo that is Khao San. There are several pool tables inside, too.

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